5 Easy Steps towards Meditation

5 Easy Steps towards Meditation

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Meditation Self-Improvement

This article outlines the 5 easy steps towards meditation. Together, they are PARIS – a simple and effective method for relaxation and de-stressing. Embrace it. Like it. Share it.

Is your mind too busy to fully relax? Do you feel tired all of the time? Would you like to meditate, but are not sure how? The 5 easy steps towards meditation with The Paris Method can help you to feel better and calmer at any time. The best time is right now. From here, you can fully enjoy the benefits of meditation. Go on, give PARIS a go right now by practicing these 5 easy steps to meditation!







Believe in the power of now. It is only when we are in the present moment that we can relax our thoughts. Forget the memories of yesterday, ignore the worries of tomorrow. Simply bring yourself to this very moment. Regardless of what your current perspective is, simply become aware of it, and bring yourself to peace with it. The kids may be playing nearby. Someone may be listening to the television, or the train may be busy. Accept your current perspective of the world. This is your current perspective. Be content with it. Take one or two long deep breaths and feel yourself begin to relax.









Once you have become aware of your current perspective, you now have a simple choice. You can proceed with a positive attitude and enjoy this very moment, or you can wallow in a mood and fail to find the peace you are entitled to. Be your own best friend right at this moment. Give yourself the best chance of feeling good right now, by telling yourself that you have a good attitude within yourself. This will give you the motivation to help yourself enjoy this time.








The reason we do not reflect before now is that we need to reflect in a positive manner. If our awareness of perspective and attitude are not right then repeat the previous steps before you continue. Reflection without the right attitude will only lead to worry. Worry is not our friend. By reflecting, we are making a decision to deal with the issues which may be niggling at us. Do we need to forgive someone so that WE can find peace? Do you need to apologize to someone so that YOU feel better? Do you need to pay that bill, or mail that letter? Ask yourself honestly what you can and need to change. You already know the answers – but don’t let negative emotions prevent you from taking the action you need. Make a decision to make change. Have you been procrastinating? Allowing simple things to build up and log-jam causes worry. Let them go. It is sometimes an accumulation of little things which pile up, making us feel under pressure. Make decisions to change the little things. You CAN do it. All you need to do right now is surrender and make the decision. Once you have made the decision, you can fully relax.








Life can be tough. But lets remind ourselves of our goals. Lets keep in mind why we work so hard, why we do what we do on a daily basis. Parenting may be tiring, but remind yourself that you are doing a wonderful thing by bringing beautiful people into the world. Long hours and stressful jobs are not pleasant, so lets remind ourselves that we do this to earn money so that we can enjoy life. Motivate yourself to be able to accept life’s challenges, by using our goals our inspiration. If you are lacking goals, then make some. Dream! Inspire yourself!








At this point, if you have followed the first 4 steps correctly and honestly, you will be feeling peaceful and at ease. If not, simply start again. “Every waking moment is another chance to turn it all around”. When you have fully and honestly followed the first 4 steps, you will start to feel serenity. Embrace this calmness. Tell yourself that you are grateful for this feeling. Inwardly give yourself a pat on the back and continue to stay with this peaceful moment. It feels good right? So stay with it. This will lead seamlessly into a short period where your mind will be calm, positive and subconsciously creative. This place is meditation.


The more diligently you have followed the 5 easy steps towards meditation, the more you will enjoy this moment. Try it again. Try to improve your ability to embrace each step. Surrender to the things that are causing you to object to some of these ideas. Embrace the thought that you have the ability to make yourself feel better at any time. It is a nice thought right? Try it again soon, share it, enjoy it and most of all, recognize that at this very moment, life is a whole lot better than you thought it was a few moments ago. The 5 easy steps towards meditation will take up about 5 minutes of your day. Isn’t this little bit of ‘you’ time worth it? 🙂

For an even better experience, practice The Paris Method while exploring the sheer unbridled beauty of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.

UPDATE: The Paris Method has recently been featured on mafambani.com in an article discussing yoga retreats and meditation. Check it out here

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