What is The Paris Method?

The Paris Method is a daily self-improvement practice, pioneered by Roger Holmes. It grounds us, keeps us in the present moment, nurtures inner peace and self confidence, and provides the foundations onto which our dreams can be discovered and achieved.

You already innately possess the ability to be successful! And here is an even bigger revelation – you are already happy! Perhaps you just do not realize it at times. The Paris Method will keep you aware of your best qualities, help you to be happy in the present moment, keep your goals in focus and help you to think and act positively.

The rapid pace of our lives, be it dominated by education, careers, parenting etc, gradually wear us down and distract us from our goals. These pressures can often generate stress, fear, and negativity, which lead to procrastination and demotivation. These negative intruders often sabotage our best efforts at bettering ourselves Р without us even being aware of it happening.

What The Paris Method does, and does very well successfully, is to help you overcome the obstacles which are preventing you from realizing your dreams and your true potential. By using The Paris Method, you will become more aware; you will rid yourself of negative thoughts and fears, and you will give yourself the opportunity to embrace the life that you always wanted to live. You will have the opportunity to live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

PARIS is an acronym; the key elements being:








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