The Paris Method

The Paris Method ™ is a meditation technique, inspired by Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, and pioneered by Roger Holmes.

Inspired by the beautiful and rugged coastline on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, The Paris Method ™ grounds us, keeps us in the present moment, nurtures inner peace and self confidence, and provides the foundations upon which our dreams can be envisioned and realized. The method can be used to alleviate stress, encourage positivity and generate the motivation to achieve success and happiness.


The simple routine takes just a few minutes to practice. Paris is an acronym; the letters representing each step of the method:

  • Perspective
  • Attitude
  • Reflection
  • Inspiration
  • Spirituality

Once we get to the last step, we are free to let our minds fully relax so that we extend the step into any form of meditation that we please.

Consider how diligent we are about taking care of other people or things. When we meet other people, we instinctively ask them how they are. We seem to take even more care about the material things around us. We service our cars regularly. We check our tires. Around the home, we make sure everything from heating and plumbing to electronic gadgets are working properly. But how often do we perform a check up on ourselves?

A regular self-check will reveal what we need to know, bringing clarity and peace to our day. When our mind is at peace, we can be happy and successful. We already possess an innately ability to be successful!

The rapid pace of our lives, be it dominated by education, careers, parenting etc, gradually wears us down and distracts us from our goals. These pressures can often generate stress, fear, and negativity. This in turn can lead to yet more procrastination and demotivation. This cycle sabotages our best efforts at bettering ourselves.

What The Paris Method ™ does, and does very successfully, is to help you overcome the obstacles which are preventing you from realizing your dreams and your true potential. By using The Paris Method ™, you will become more aware; you will rid yourself of negative thoughts and fears, and you will give yourself the opportunity to embrace the life that you always wanted to live.

Lets look at each step of The Paris Method ™:







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