A for Attitude

A bad attitude will make any day fairly miserable. A good attitude will make a bad day tolerable.

We saw by looking honestly at our perspective, where and how we are. Now that we are fully aware, we can proceed. The Paris Method is dynamic. It can be moulded to suit any person at any given time. Life changes. We change. So for The Method to work, it must be adaptable too. That is why we start each day by grounding ourselves and becoming aware of what is going on in our lives.

Attitude however, is the one attribute which should be a constant. We are responsible for ourselves. Yes there are things in life which are tough, and we encounter many different people and situations. But for us to make the best of any situation (our current perspective), then our attitude must be one which gives us our best shot of making the best of any set of circumstances.

I have discovered through the many mistakes which I have made, and continue to make, that unless we have a good attitude about our outlook, we will languish in our current state. Nobody else will take care of this for us.

While taking this step, I simply tell myself that I will not self pity, I will be honest and I will try my best. I make a conscious decision to think positively and not let my day disintegrate by letting people or occurrences to change my attitude. I would suggest thinking the following: I will make my best of any situation today.

When I started using The Paris Method, this did not come easy, sometimes it can still be tough. But through sheer perseverance on a daily basis, this becomes a little easier to achieve. You are now ready to move along to the next step:



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