I for Inspiration

This step is very straightforward. We inspire ourselves.

We simply remind ourselves why we go through the ups and downs in our life. Are we working long hours? Then remind yourself WHY you do this, and it will give life a purpose. Perhaps we are working hard so we can provide for our family. Maybe we are planning early retirement, saving for dental work, a new car, a holiday, clearing debts, college education etc. Simply remind yourself of the end goal.

If you do not have an end goal – GET ONE! We must aspire to something, to make it all worthwhile.

Without a true purpose, the cost of living and the stresses associated with it, may seem disconnected from our happy plan. We need connection. We need to see that life is a means to a happy end. Otherwise, we are a hamster on a wheel.

And yes, when you remember what your inspiration is, you can fully enjoy the happy thoughts! This is what makes life worthwhile! Bask in those happy thoughts and plans. Make new ones. Dream!



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