P for Perspective

The whole purpose of The Paris Method is to ground us, and help us to become aware of what we are trying to achieve, and how.

As with any journey, be it tangible or emotional, how can we possibly start our journey without first of all pinpointing where we are right at this very moment?

Think of this first step in The Paris Method, as you would think of turning on a GPS, or loading Google Maps.


Perspective: Try to think of your current emotional perspective, as you would view your physical location. Look from beyond. 

Just as we would plot our course on a GPS device or map, we must first determine our current location. In The Paris Method, we wish to determine our current perspective in terms of our emotional situation right this very moment. While events or thoughts of the recent past will have a small bearing, as will the immediate future, they should be nominal. We would only consider their presence in terms of how they are influencing the present.

When we think of the influencing factors of yesterday or later today, we should not dwell. We are merely acknowledging the things which are contributing factors in our day, in our present moment, which we have absolutely no control over. However, if we acknowledge them, we can accept them. Only when we recognize and accept these influences, can we deal with them in a way which does not detract from our enjoyment of this very moment, and the beautiful day which is ahead of us.

The purpose of this first step in The Paris Method is simple. We are making ourselves aware of where we are, and how we are. We should be non-judgmental. We should not linger nor analyze individual thoughts. We are not simply counting up our problems. We are not problem solving. We are simply determining our place in the world, and how we are connected with it, right at this moment.

Once you have honestly and non-judgmentally found your true perspective, you are ready to move on. But remember, only leave this step when fully aware. Otherwise, you will be setting off on a flawed course,  and can not realistically expect to reach your goal.



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