R for Reflection

So far, the practice has been theoretical. We will now take some action by concentrating on reflection.

Only when we are fully aware of our perspective, and using a good attitude, should we should use reflection to determine our ‘to do’ list for the day. If we start to think about resolutions to life’s challenges while we are no focused, or our attitude isn’t good, we are simply letting those challenges overpower us. This causes worry and stress.

The tiniest things can unhinge our thinking and our day. If we have things which need to be done, then we should do them. Procrastination clutters our thinking. If we need to pay a bill, we should pay it. If we cannot afford to pay it, we should negotiate. If we do nothing about it, then we will wake up tomorrow and the problem will be have increased its intensity. Reflection will show us what action we need to take.

While taking this step, we should filter the things we need to take care of, and recognize the most pressing. There is little point in thinking about these issues unless we resolve to take affirmative and positive action. Return the library book, mail your letter, pay the bill, make an appointment, book the flight; regardless of what the thing is, make the decision to take care of it.

Life’s little niggles are not insurmountable. But if we allow them to log-jam, they can begin to subconsciously cause us stress. We are striving to clear out clutter so our mind can function better. You will be surprised to discover that even the decision to finally take care of things can ease the burden, before you actually do it.

Finally, the reflection step is also concerned with emotional wellbeing. If you need to apologize to someone, then do it. Do not continue to replay the event or situation or argument over and over, looking for someone else to blame. If someone or something has hurt you, decide to let it go. We cannot change it. When we let it go we can move on.

We have now determined what our current perspective is, decided to keep our attitude good for the day, and taken reflection. Next, we will look at why we have gone to all this effort:


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