Trans Atlantic Cancer Cycle

Trans Atlantic Cancer Cycle

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Trans Atlantic Cycle

Im writing this over New Foundland and that means that Trans Atlantic Cycle is underway! The charity cycle from San Francisco to New York City and Letterkenny to Dublin is still around 10 days away, but we have managed to raise around 1,600 euro so far for the Irish Cancer Society, which is a really healthy start.

I am undertaking Trans Atlantic Cycle for many reasons; primarily to raise fund for The Irish Cancer Society, but also to challenge myself and challenge a theory. Six months ago I was afraid to even look at someone else on a bicycle – now Im planning a long tour. Thats worth celebrating (thanks Philip O’Rourke for getting me through that). I also want to prove that with the right attitude, amy negative experience can be turned into something really positive.

I have set a fundraising target of €5,000. To generate that amount of money for a very worthy charity, coming off the back of a very negative 19 months, would be amazing, and would go a long way to proving that with positive thoughts and plans, positive things can happen, even when they are born out of a negative.

This is a short little blog post. Soon I will land at JFK, and next week will travel out to San Francisco where hopefully I will meet my bike, which will become my best friend throughout the summer of 2016.

I am nervous, excited, inspired, humbled (by the donations and good wishes thus far) but mostly I am determined to make Trans Atlantic Cycle a successful both for the Irish Cancer Society and for myself and anyone like me. Maybe there is a fine line between determined and stubborn – either of those traits would be welcome once I am out on the road.

Thats it for now. I just wanted to thank everyone for their encouragement and generous donations thus far, and to provide an update that Trans Atlantic Cycle is now a step closer.

You can search for updates by using the #TransAtlanticCycle hashtag. Lets do this!

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