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in8Motivation - The Journey of Life

The Journey of Life

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This week, more than any other, I have been thinking about the journey of life. All of us are on it. Most people are moving forward, albeit at different rates. None of us are sure what the final destination holds in store for us. But if we set a goal and are truly honest with […]

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The Paris Method

Transcendental Meditation – The Game Changer

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Transcendental Meditation is the game changer. Imagine a time when you were at your best. Now imagine feeling like that 24/7. While there are no magical answers to the question of how to be happier and more productive, Transcendental Meditation goes pretty close. I was trained in the practice of Transcendental Meditation (TM) in Midtown […]

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Taking the Train Across America: California Zephyr Line

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Train Across America Part 2: Chicago – Reno, on the California Zephyr This is the second part of a series of blog posts which chronicle the adventure of riding the train across America. Click here for part 1, which recounts the journey from New York City to Chicago on the Cardinal Line. I boarded the […]

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